Dedicated to preach the Word, make disciples, Restore the Kingdom & serve the needy with the love of Christ.

PACE is a mission project of local Churches of Christ that aims to reach people groups that are resistant to the Gospel.
It encourages 4 actions on the part of each believer
This is to activate members of local congregations, to pray for reaching souls, commit to use God given talents to win souls and enlist others to carry out the mission.
Purpose of PACE project is to co-operate with local churches in sending missionaries to un-reached areas, work along with them, save souls and establish New Testament congregations.
Project at Poomala was started in 1998 at Poomala, Idukki district of Kerala, South India. It is the South -eastern part of Kerala, 2500 ft above the sea level. The natives are tribal of Uoraaly and Malayaraya who speak primitive Malayalam. The economic status of these tribal people are very low compared to others; they are daily labors and struggling to meet their daily needs.

A home for aged women from various economic, social and religious backgrounds.
Krupa Trust
Kunthirickal p.o Thalavady, Alappuzha
Kerala – 689575
Phone: 0477- 2212475

Preacher Bro. T.S John Church
Church Of Christ
Poomala, Koovakandam
P.O Thodupuzha, Idukki
DST- Kerala.
Phone 04862 – 316657
Church’s Ministries Sunday Assembly at 9.30A.M. – 12.00Noon
Sunday School
Youth Meeting
Fasting Prayer on Fridays at 1.30am

Serenity Counseling Center began in September 2006 to help the needy families.
Kerala is on the rise of having more and more family problems. Children are also facing problems like Learning Disorder, behavioral problems etc.
SCC provides individual and group counseling, conducts seminars on counseling issues :
Marriage and Family
Conflict Resolution
Stress Management
Behavioral problems in children
Seminars on Learning Disorder
Parenting skills etc.
Contact Person : Cindy Rajan
Address : Kerala Christian Mission
P.O. Kanjikuzhy, Kottayam
Phone : 09947065530, 0481-6451292, 2578835

The mission is to preach the word, lead youth to Christ, share gospel of love between brothers in Christ, to develop an attitude to serve others in Christ and to glorify Him.

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

Mission Statement

The mission is to preach the word, lead youth to Christ, share gospel of love between brothers in Christ, to develop an attitude to serve others in Christ and to glorify Him. This is a project under the leadership of Kerala Christian Mission to touch the hearts and lives of young people of all colors, race, ethnic groups, and language. Our goal is to bring the new generations to Christ, so that they may also share the hope and eternal life that Christ has promised us. We reach the needy where they are with the love of Christ through FOCUS.

These are done irrespective of cast creed or color. We believe that true conversion is a total surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ for eternal life. We teach Christians to trust the promises of God through Jesus Christ. Our focus is to help the young youths in India to answer the question Jesus presented “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it. What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?” Mathew 16:26

 To preach the word
 To lead people of other faiths to Christ
 To show the value of being in Christ
 To develop social responsibility
 To teach the value of soul
 To share gospel of love between brothers in Christ
 To develop the thirst to save the souls
 To show the need to follow great commission
 To develop them to take part in the ministry
 To develop their responsibility to stand for Christ
 To develop unity in Christ
 To help them to develop their talents for His kingdom
 To give them personal counseling
 To give them personality development training in Christ

The purpose is to preach gospel and make them responsible Christian. We will guide the youths to Christ and will help them to live a life that brings glory and honor to the King. We focus to teach the value of eternal life and the love of Christ. In this fast growing, technology based educated youth’s society we have to move to their standards, so the well equipped educated volunteers will guide them for the better future of preserving their life for eternity.

Through the ministry of FOCUS, we will give them Bible classes as well as the classes for social ethics. This will help them to grow as responsible Christian and a citizen. We focus on the youths in the college campus.


• Evangelism through the volunteers on the campus
• Discussion on contemporary issues related to youth
1) Seminars
2) Music Fest
3) Study centers
4) Leadership training
5) Magazines
6) Bible study groups
7) Health care
8) AIDS, Drugs, Smoking, Pornography etc
9) Awareness camps
10) Campaigns against the social evils
11) Counseling
• Weekly prayer and Monthly Fellowship groups
• Retreats
• Vacation Camps
• Cafeteria, Internet cafe & recreation center
• Talent Nite


Youths are the future of the country. Our aim is to reach the un-reached youths with the gospel and to build a strong Christian witness among the young generation. We also plan to educate the youths, by sharing the gospel so that we can see a better future in this world, but for the world to come. Our goal is to reach the country, carry out the Great Commission and Command given in Mathew 28, make disciples, train leadership, restore the Kingdom and serve the needy with love of Christ.
Mathew 28:19-20
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Serenity Social Welfare Project, Child Care:

Serenity Counseling Center has started a program Serenity Social Welfare Project, Child care among poor children. This is a welfare project to uplift the families socially and give guidance to develop better personalities.

19th All India Christian Convention

The 19th All India Christian Convention (AICC) of the Churches of Christ/Christian Churches will be at Kochi from January 12 -15, 2012.

Convention Center

The venue of the convention is “Santhigiri’ Asram” Pookkattupadi, a serene beautiful place. 7 Kms from ALUVA Railway station, 20 kms from ERNAKULAM Town Railway Station, 21 kms from Kochi (Nedumbaserry) International Airport.


The Theme is “GROW IN THE KNOWLEDGE OF CHRIST” based on 2 Peter 1:1- 11. There will be six main sessions with excellent preaching. There will also be separate sessions for men, women, and youth with ample time for discussion on the topics presented
Music and cultural programs from various states will be additional blessing.

Children will have separate sessions throughout the convention except during Sunday Assembly. They will have Activities, Worship, Games and Talent meet.
Participants from all over India will be attending; it will be a time of Great fellowship, Genuine spiritual renewal and Good food.

We welcome you to Kochi, “The Queen of Arabian sea.”


There are dormitory facilities @ Rs 80/- per night and various types of paid accommodation outside campus. All rooms on campus are already booked. Contact the Housing Department for more information.

E-mail ID:

Registration and Food
Registration including food will be Rs. 550/-(Thursday Lunch-Sunday Lunch)

Your Part
Start praying for the convention Personally, as a Family and as a Congregation

All payments should favor 19th All India Convention South Indian Bank, Kakkanad Branch, Ernakulam

A/C No: 0313 0530 0000 2987

Junior Church
Junior Church is a place where children participate and lead the worship service similar to the adult church service.

All the programs are designed to keep the children interested and be transformed into Christ-likeness at a very early age.

Sunday School
K.C.M. has developed its own Sunday school curriculum and well trained, dedicated teachers lead this Sunday school program from age 6 to 16.

Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School is conducted in each congregation following specific curriculum. Teachers are given training each year in partnership with organizations like ‘Seva Bharat’, dedicated to children’s ministry in India.

Bible Clubs
Bible clubs are sponsored by K.C.M. in co-operation with ‘AWANA’ an organization specializing in children’s ministry.

Church Ministry

The congregations are called "Church of Christ". We believe that unity of believers is possible if we go back to the Bible, discarding all man made creeds and speak where the Bible speak and remain silent where the Bible is silent. We call Bible things by Bible names. We do Bible things in Bible ways. We seek to obey Christ in all things.

Initially the Mission supports an evangelist to go out to a selected place to evangelize those who welcome them in the area, by preaching and teaching the Word of God revealed in the Bible. Those who believe, repent and confess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour are baptized by immersion in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for the remission of their sins, into Jesus Christ.

The baptized believers are called Saints and they wear the biblical name ‘Christians’. The Christian congregation is the body of Christ of which Christ is the head. This body of Christ is called the ‘Church of Christ’.

Church of Christ has no head other than Christ himself. The Church of Christ, meet for worship every Lord’s day according to the pattern found in acts.2: 42. The members are taught the biblical pattern of supporting the evangelist who is ministering to them.

Thus within 15 years a local congregation is expected to be self-supporting. During this time the congregation is taught the biblical principles of selfgovernment and the church members from among themselves elect qualified elders, deacons and teachers. Thus the congregation becomes self-governing. The members are discipled following a systematic course, which enable them to lead a Christ like life and lead others to Christ, whom they are to disciple. This process continues and thus the congregation becomes self- propagating. Kerala Christian Mission is not a church. It is an organization formed to help start evangelistic work in new unreached areas. We have started 37 congregations since 1978

Kerala Christian Mission is not a church. It is an organization formed to help start evangelistic work in new unreached areas. We have started 37 congregations since 1978. 22 are now self-supporting.


An evangelistic outreach team dedicated to reaching the unreached, through personal evangelism, music ministry and street meetings.


A team of young preachers dedicated to revive and equip the established churches for evangelism.
Services are free to the congregations upon req

New York Ministries

KCM is partnering with Orchard Church Planting Group to start an Indian Church in Yonkers, NY. The goal is to introduce the Kingdom of God to over half a million Indians in New York City. C.T.Abraham the project manager has just returned from Yonkers after the preparatory work and hope to start the ministry by early August

We request your prayers for God’s guidance in planting an Indian Church with Malayalam and English services.

Contact information:

Abraham C. Thomas,
Orchard Church Planting Group,
303 Fifth Ave.,
Suite 705,
New York-10016.
Telephone 978-251-8100.
Cell phone 646-894-0887

Training Programs

We provide training programs for the preachers, believers and for high School gradutes to become better servant leaders for Christ.

Discipleship Training

K.C.M. offers a Discipleship course in co-operation with ‘Harvest Heralds Inc.', Kenya.

A disciple of Jesus Christ is defined in this series of studies as a Christian who is confident in faith, consistent in obedience, stable through times of suffering, Christ-like by reason of the very presence of Christ within, evangelistically active in bringing others to Christ, and one who is prepared to make disciples of others.

Two questions are raised, ‘How do I become a disciple?’ and ‘How do I make disciples?’ this discipling series with it ten books has been prepaid to help a Christian be a disciple and grow in each aspect of discipleship; confidence, consistency, stability, Christ-likeness, evangelism and discipling. It has been prepared to help a disciple make disciples of others.

Discipleship can be likened to a journey enjoyed repeatedly. It begins with confidence and arrives at multiplication when the disciple becomes a discipler and takes the journey regularly with person after person. Some may stop at some point along the journey. Others go on. Multiplication, as the word implies, is not the end of the journey. Rather, it is an opportunity to enjoy the adventure again.

The route for the discipleship journey as set out in the series advances through ten level of training. Six are for those eager to be disciples. Four are for those willing to go on and make disciples of others.

The ten levels are as follows:

To be a Disciple
1. Confidence
2. Consistency
3. Stability
4. Christ-likeness
5. Evangelism
6. Discipling

To make Disciples
7. Motivation
8. Conservation
9. Proclamation
10. Multiplication

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