Church Ministry


Church Ministry

The congregations are called "Church of Christ".
We believe that unity of believers is possible if we go back to the Bible, discarding all man made creeds and speak where the Bible speak and remain silent where the Bible is silent. We call Bible things by Bible names. We do Bible things in Bible ways. We seek to obey Christ in all things.

Initially the Mission supports an evangelist to go out to a selected place to evangelize those who welcome them in the area, by preaching and teaching the Word of God revealed in the Bible. Those who believe, repent and confess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour are baptized by immersion in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for the remission of their sins, into Jesus Christ.

The baptized believers are called Saints and they wear the biblical name ‘Christians’. The Christian congregation is the body of Christ of which Christ is the head. This body of Christ is called the ‘Church of Christ’.

Church of Christ has no head other than Christ himself.
The Church of Christ, meet for worship every Lord’s day according to the pattern found in acts.2: 42. The members are taught the biblical pattern of supporting the evangelist who is ministering to them.

ImageEach year the support from the mission to the evangelist is reduced and support from the local congregation is increased. Thus within 15 years a local congregation is expected to be self-supporting. During this time the congregation is taught the biblical principles of self-government and the church members from among themselves elect qualified elders, deacons and teachers. Thus the congregation becomes self-governing. The members are discipled following a systematic course, which enable them to lead a Christ like life and lead others to Christ, whom they are to disciple. This process continues and thus the congregation becomes self- propagating.

Kerala Christian Mission is not a church. It is an organization formed to help start evangelistic work in new unreached areas.

We have started 37 congregations since 1978.

22 are now self-supporting.
An evangelistic outreach team dedicated to reaching the unreached, through personal evangelism, music ministry and street meetings.
A team of young preachers dedicated to revive and equip the established churches for evangelism.
Services are free to the congregations upon request.
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