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Discipleship Training

K.C.M. offers a Discipleship course in co-operation with ‘Harvest Heralds Inc.', Kenya.



A disciple of Jesus Christ is defined in this series of studies as a Christian who is confident in faith, consistent in obedience, stable through times of suffering, Christ-like by reason of the very presence of Christ within, evangelistically active in bringing others to Christ, and one who is prepared to make disciples of others.

Two questions are raised, ‘How do I become a disciple?’ and ‘How do I make disciples?’ this discipling series with it ten books has been prepaid to help a Christian be a disciple and grow in each aspect of discipleship; confidence, consistency, stability, Christ-likeness, evangelism and discipling. It has been prepared to help a disciple make disciples of others.

Discipleship can be likened to a journey enjoyed repeatedly. It begins with confidence and arrives at multiplication when the disciple becomes a discipler and takes the journey regularly with person after person. Some may stop at some point along the journey. Others go on. Multiplication, as the word implies, is not the end of the journey. Rather, it is an opportunity to enjoy the adventure again.

The route for the discipleship journey as set out in the series advances through ten level of training. Six are for those eager to be disciples. Four are for  those willing to go on and make disciples of others.

The ten levels are as follows:


To be a Disciple                                To make Disciples

   1. Confidence                                    7. Motivation

2. Consistency                                   8. Conservation

3. Stability                                         9. Proclamation

4. Christ-likeness                               10. Multiplication

5. Evangelism

6. Discipling