Medical Aid, Medical Camps.

Free medical camps are organized in remote areas and also in our hospitals in various departments for deserving patients. 





ImageHousing Aid

Selected poor applicants are helped with financial aid to repair and rebuild houses damaged due to natural calamities with assistance from IDES (International Disaster Emergency Service). 




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Educational Aid/Loan
Educational aid is given to deserving bright students for college education and loan is given to nursing and professional education

Marriage Aid
Aid is given to deserving widows for the marriage of their daughters

Poor Aid
Poor and needy are given financial aid according to the need.


Serenity Social Welfare Project, Child Care

Serenity Counseling Center has started a program Serenity Social Welfare Project, Child care among poor children. This is a welfare project to uplift the families socially and give guidance to develop better personalities.


We provide primary commodities for their education/schooling; also help them with their study skills.