Welcome to KCM India

 The Kerala Christian Mission was organized in 1978 for the restoration of New Testament Christianity in Kerala. A healthy true body of Christ will naturally reproduce as they obey the Great Commission. We are engaged in Evangelism followed by discipleship training. The mission gives assistance to establish self supporting, self governing, self propagating New Testment congregations and train young Christians to be preachers and teachers of the truth.
Church Ministry

The congregations are called "Church of Christ".
We believe that unity of believers is possible if we go back to the Bible, discarding all man made creeds and speak where the Bible speak and remain silent where the Bible is silent. We call Bible things by Bible names. We do Bible things in Bible ways. We seek to obey Christ in all things.

Hospital Ministries

( Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism ) donated funds for property, building and several equipments in these hospitals. We try to serve the total person.
Jesus had compassion for those who were suffering. He healed the sick.
The mission runs a full-fledged hospital.
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